Electric balance scooter precautions

How to control the balance 1) The self-balancing unicycle is stabilized with a gyroscope. 2) When the body is leaning forward, the self-balancing unicycle will perceive the movement to accelerate; when the body is back, the self-balancing unicycle will also control the motor to reduce the balance between the driver and the body.

3. Do not drunk.

4. Do not run on the sand-filled road

5. Do not wear leggings. 6. Don't just start uphill

7. Do not drive fast

8. Don't be faster than electric cars.

9. Don't go out in heavy rain

10. Do not ride on the road easily. If you are a beginner, a car or dog that suddenly appears on the road will make you unprepared.

11. Do not let children under the age of 12 go alone to play

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